AUTHOR : Himanshu Goel

GENRE : Poetry

LENGTH : 57 pages

FORMAT: Kindle E-book

PUBLICATION : Self Published

REVIEWED BY : Suchismita Ghoshal

RATING : 5/5

Synopsis :

“a lonely world” is a poetry collection by Himanshu Goel, author of Tulsi and 52 laws of love.

“Read these poems in the times you feel lonely, when the warm blanket is unable to provide you the comfort that you are used to.

Read these poems when you feel anxious, when even little thoughts feel like the weight of the world is upon you.

Read these poems in the times you feel most vulnerable.

Read these poems and know that you are not alone in your loneliness.”


“A LONELY WORLD AND OTHER POEMS” is an amazing poetry collection written by poet Himanshu Goel. The book is a very short read which consists of 48 poems and can be read in one sitting of 30 minutes. Poems are short, up to the mark and hit straight to the core of our hearts. As the author recommends to read the poems when we feel lonely, I would say that poems perfectly match the gloomy mood when in despondency. The poems are apt to depict the rawest emotion of a human being. I would definitely suggest others to go through the poems and dip themselves into the ocean of feelings.

Book Review : “An Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Power”

‘An Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Powers’ is a mesmerizing poetry collection written by the poet Himanshu Goel. The book consists of four part – Superpowered, Ordinary Origins, Inevitable Flaws and Extraordinary Sidekicks. All the poems are written in simple english making them easily comprehensible and gullible. Every page is picturized with a woman that makes the book more attractive. Again, as the title goes, this book is all about women and women empowerment. I simply enjoyed reading the poems and would definitely suggest others to pick this book up.

My rating to the book : 5/5

Book Review : “Sniper’s Debt”

‘Sniper’s Debt’ is so far one of the most amazing thriller fictions I’ve ever read. The book is written by the author Mainak Dhar. The story starts when the protagonist, Aditya along with his wife Zoya and son Aman plans a vacation to Paris and their plane gets hijacked.The old retired US soldier tries to be a hero but he gets shot. Aditya sends messages to few people to let Indian forces know about the plane. What I feel shocking that even the hijackers wanted the news to be leaked. They land the plane in Afghanistan. Rather than keeping the people on plane, they separate and take people in slots. When Aditya was being taken by the hijackers to a different place, Aman enters into the story. Aman is all set to help Aditya from the hijackers. Now, I am leaving the next part for the people to read on their own.

Right from the beginning the book takes me to the world to intriguing imagination and with the slow progress, it encounters with several goosebumps. I am literally in awe of the storytelling whereas the narration has definitely taken the book to another level of excellence. The setting of the plot, different sequels, making of hijacking scenes etc have left a deep impact on my mind. What I love about the book is its easy and simple language which creates no bar in reading. Vocabulary was in my grip and I didn’t need to reach out for dictionary.

Now comes the book cover part which is definitely fascinating and goes with the theme of the book. The title of the book is well-thought and adds good curiosity on the readers’ minds. Overall, the book was an amazing read indeed. I should definitely recommend others to grab the copy and give it a read.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review : “Cross Connection”

Cross Connection has been penned down by the author Preety Pravin. It is basically a romantic fiction. The entire story serves a message of commitment, trust and love in a relationship. The story starts with the protagonist Simar, a punjabi girl who travels down to South India to pursue her dentistry. She falls in love with Naveen in her college. Their affair gets stronger with the time. But these love birds too face the hardships of love when they stay away from each other for one long year and something dreadful happens.

This is the story of the author herself and this is what makes the book different. I feel that the plot is very much mesmerizing that a reader remains hooked up with the story. Emotions have been neatly described when Simar falls in love with Naveen. The storytelling maintains the pace whereas I feel some lacking in the narration. The narration seems dragged and exaggerated. It could have been nourished more. Again, I feel that the language that has been used is extremely good that it doesn’t make any disturbance while reading. The characters of Simar and Naveen have been portrayed very well. Naveen’s character shows a very stern side who refuses to give up on his love even after all such pandemoniums.

Overall the book has all the elements to keep a reader hooked. The book cover looks simply beautiful and the title works aptly. One should definitely give this book a try.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review : “A Myna Flies”

‘A Myna Flies’, written by the author Sidharth Kanattil, is a book that is set on the plot of historic times of the 1850s when British East India Company was spreading its grip around the country and into the lives of the inhabitants. The book takes one to the world of imagination that one can vividly draw the pictures of that time. Different communities, people of different ideologies and religions, traditions have been portrayed so well in this book.

It is rightly said that power and greed makes a person blind enough to compete with each other for their greed.

Right from the beginning, the book seems intriguing with the mesmerizing plot, amazing storyline and clear narration. The author has put all his efforts to portray the situations very well. The language is simple and easy to understand. The book cover looks extremely elegant and the title works really well to knock a reader’s mind.

Overall, it was a very engaging read.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review : “Dhruv : Love Story of An Alchemist”

“Dhruv : Love Story of An Alchemist” is a fusion story of spirituality and love between two protagonists, Dhruv and Emma. The book is written by author Karan Verma. Dhruv Samrat belongs from an upper class brahmin family from the holy city of Banaras and he seems to be an intellectual guy. The story revolves around Dhruv’s search for his own identity in his life for which he never gives up and at last finds his own position in his own city. Meanwhile he meets with a foreigner, Emma with whom he falls in love. Emma is raised in an orphanage and she is a kind-hearted and jolly persona who loves hindu scriptures. Both of them struggle a lot in their lives.

What I loved about the book is that the book presents a vibrant image of Banaras, its heritage, ghats and temples. The narration is clear and easily comprehensible. Character development stands well. Apart from the interior part, the book cover looks fascinating and the title fits well too.

Overall, it is a one time read book.

My rating to the book : 4/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review : “Sunshine Town”

“Sunshine Town” is a book written by Maniissh

Aurora. The story revolves around the protagonist, Shlok, his life, his dreams, his love, his studies etc. Shlok comes from a middle class family who dreams of becoming a doctor in near future to fulfill his father’s desire. Being average in his studies, he finds it difficult to cope up with his dream. Meanwhile he falls in love with his next door neighbour Natasha. What will happen next? Will he succeed in his love life or will he lose hope? Will he fulfill his dream of turning into a doctor? To know more, read the book.

In my opinion, the author has written the story keeping the thoughts of teen agers in his mind. I have found the storytelling intriguing but the narration in some places lacks the pace. The book appears simple and neat with the proper usage of words and language. The fascinating book cover catches my attention.

Overall, it’s a one time read.

My rating to the book : 3/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review : “Victims for Sale”

‘Victims for Sale’ by author Nish Amarnath is so far one of the best crime thrillers I’ve read during the quarantine period. The story revolves around the lead character Sandy, who decides to shift to London on the condition her father and brother impose upon her that she lives with the Sawants, a known family in London. The Sawant family turns out to be weird . With the progress of the story, she slowly discovers unthinkable truths behind this family as well as her workplace.

And the real twist begins from here which spins such an extraordinary tale that the reader goes into a tizzy.
This one is truly a spectacular read. The way the characters have been portrayed is highly appreciable as each and every character is presented with a distinctive personality. As per the plot, the author has succeeded in making it an immensely interesting one. The narration is undoubtedly impressive where the author has put out her elegant imagination power. The idea behind the story has clicked really well.
Even the mystifying look of cover and the inviting book title have helped the book in turning out to be a masterpiece. I definitely recommend this awesome book to other readers.

My rating to the book : 5/5 ~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review : “Aham”

‘Aham’ is a mythological fiction and the first part of a trilogy series written by author Saurabh Thakur. The story revolves around the main characters Vanee, Rwiju and Prayan. The plot seems very interesting as it takes the readers to the world of the war between demons and non demons. The war sequences have been written in a very interesting way that gives the readers a real feel which proves the author has a very good imaginative power. The narration part is also fast paced and intriguing that keeps the readers hooked to the story. Though in some places, I feel the lack of interest as the story seems dragged. Characters are well-developed and the author’s storytelling proves him a mature author. The language used by the author is lucid, easily understandable and grammar is also error free. This book is a must have for the ones who find it interesting to read fantasy, history and mythology as the book is full of thrills and excitement. The book title aptly indicates ‘Aham’ that means ‘Ahamkara’ or ‘pride’ and it is the main motto to portray through the entire storyline. The book cover is colourful and fascinating.

Overall, it has been a good read and I recommend it to further readers.

My rating to the book : ⅘

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Book Review 47 : “The Worlds That Met In Bollywood”

Our society is divided into two sections, respectively in poor and rich, and “The World That Met In Bollywood” by the author Manan Goel has succeeded in painting the reality of both sides perfectly. He has done a really great job in terms of being a debutant. The story definitely has a potential to leave an impact on young minds and inspire others to take the right path over everything. The story keeps on going around the two main protagonists, Yasir & Anirudh. Yasir is a rich boy hailing from Hyderabad has a great affection for his family whereas Anirudh from Mumbai belongs to a poor family of a slum area. On the one hand, Yasir maintains an ethical lifestyle, and on the other, Anirudh easily gets attracted towards illegal activities for easy money. He also tries to win Yasir’s beliefs with his benevolence, but atlast fails to conceal his attempt of drug trafficking. With the passing time, he realizes his wrong doings and apologizes to Yasir. And, this is the remarkable portion of the story.

Now comes the author’s narration that is engaging, and he has used extremely easy language. I personally opine that the title could have been more impressive, yet the cover was moderately good. Overall, it was a one time read.

My rating to the book : ⅗

~ ©storytellersuchismita