Book Review No. 3: “Brahmastra: Chronicles”

BOOK : “Brahmastra : Chronicles : Book One – The Artifact”

GENRE : Mythological Thriller

AUTHOR : Kumar Aditya

PUBLICATION : Revolt House Publishing ,A publishing arm of Kalaage community

REVIEW COPY : @writerskalaage & @adiscribe

First of all, I would like to show my heartfelt gratitude to the team Kalaage for giving me this opportunity to review such an ‘epic’ masterpiece & would love to pour all the warm love to the debutant author for coming up with a resplendent mythological novel ” Brahmastra: Chronicles: Book One – The Artifact” which is a pure bliss. Perfectly blended thriller, mystery, suspense & spectacular storytelling can leave the reader jaw-dropped. I am the person who had a huge urge to read a mystery or a thriller one for such a long time & opting for this book proved to be the best choice indeed!

The novel circulates the story Abhay Rajvardhan, an ordinary man in his mid twenties with an extraordinary skill of swimming, who travels for Bangalore to Indraprastha for revealing the years old mysteries & secrets ,succumbed on to the death of his father & mulled over miserably with the further discovery of some awe-striking incidents. He is seen arrogant at first for he was severely disturbed & mentally drowned by the death of his feeble mother, Kaya & his father’s lack of observations.

The novel consists of a total of 37 chapters with each one unfurling an entirely different world of mystery, suspense & tremendous urge of thrill & trepidations. The brilliantly scribbled storyline easily captivates the mind of a reader creating several tingles & goosebumps on body.

The author is the owner of power-packed knowledge of vast vocabulary & have made our minds blown with his brilliant storytelling with his phenomenal character-building. Moreover, he has a magnificent skill of blending history with mythology & excelled in bringing perfection to his creativity.

The book begins with an extraordinary narration of the creation of ‘Oorja’ -the Primordial Light–rests upon two complete strangers from different worlds, shaping & empowering the universe & then it moistens the eyes with the brutal assasination of Bheeshm Rajvardhan, Abhay’s father by 600 years old Angiri warrior mentioned in the story.

As the author said, the line between worry & fear , myth & reality is transparently thin, he has disintegrated the difference between history & reality keeping the main motive of the story to protect the divinely creation of ultimate weapon- “BRAHMASTRA” from the evil power of demons.

As the story progresses, we came to witness something more magical & spelling ingredients which make us glued with the book & offer an absolutely exciting side of beautiful literature.

Very few mythological novels can reach up to the level of extreme satisfaction of a reader’s mind & no doubt, “Brahmastra:Chronicles” has won my heart . The Author Kumar Aditya has stolen a huge respect from me for executing an enchanting novel being a debutant. He unquestionably is a gem author!

The book cover looks promising ,but still I felt it could have been more intense & more enthralling. But over all, I am in love with this novel!

If anyone is planning to read one thriller this year, I would definitely opine for this one!

I take my bow down for the brilliant performance of author & will definitely request all the book lovers specially the mystery lovers to grab the book as soon as possible & enjoy their time span drowning in the mysterious world of this magnum opus.

Story of the novel : 5/5 (in one word, FANTABULOUS)

Book cover :⅘ (could have been better)

Overall ratings : 4.5/5 (would highly recommend everyone to read !)

This book is available exclusively on amazon both as kindle e-book & paperback version!

Link :

Paperback :

Kindle :


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