Book Review No. 9 : “Spies, Lies & Red Tape”

BOOK: Spies, Lies & Red Tape

AUTHOR : Amit Bagaria

GENRE : Political Fiction Thriller

PAGES : 190

PUBLICATION : NotionPress Publishing

A Brief Review :

“Spies, Lies & Red Tape” by author Amit Bagaria is a magnificent political fiction thriller cleverly portraying the non fiction agenda in the outfit of some fictional name of the real life political characters. The plot is simply based on the politics & history of Indian subcontinent, especially on the vast areas of Indo-Pakistan political conflict, military wars & diplomatic agenda. The conspiracy, past history, conflicts, betrayal, critical aspects & results of dirty politics & war are highly mainstreamed in this book. Some unknown facts, mostly hidden are well-disclosed by the author’s journalistic views. Belonging completely from a non-political background, it comes out really a mind-engaging read & this time I’m proven wrong about politics I’m introduced till now. An interesting read it was as many facts were knowledgeable enough to be noted. This book was unique as

1)Plot was gripping,

2)Stories in each chapter was attractive,

3)Narration was decent,

4)Facts were supported by well-investigation,

5)Language was lucid with proper grammar & edits,

6)Title was eye-catching,

& 7)moreover a good consistency in keeping the readers engrossed for the book till the end.

My Ratings :

Book Cover : ⅘ (Could be a little better)

Content : 4.5/5

Plot, Story & Language : 5/5

Overall Rating : ⅘ (Highly Recommendable)

Final Verdict:

Author Amit Bagaria, an well-researched & highly praised personality, a renowned name of media world, has previously done an amazing job in the literary world with his other books, didn’t leave us disappointed this time also with his awesome political thriller ” Spies, Lies & Red Tape”. We should rather thank him for uncovering the hidden dirty politics for its unlawful interference in our military section & affecting our country’s both sides of finance & peace. Such facts needed a voice to be released & got a good exposure which he outstandingly did with his fictional naming. It was an exclusive read. Hope the readers out there will not delay to buy this book not only for discovering new facts but also for the sake of truth. Grab it the earliest possible & enjoy a happy reading !

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Spies, Lies & Red Tape


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