AUTHOR : Himanshu Goel

GENRE : Poetry

LENGTH : 57 pages

FORMAT: Kindle E-book

PUBLICATION : Self Published

REVIEWED BY : Suchismita Ghoshal

RATING : 5/5

Synopsis :

“a lonely world” is a poetry collection by Himanshu Goel, author of Tulsi and 52 laws of love.

“Read these poems in the times you feel lonely, when the warm blanket is unable to provide you the comfort that you are used to.

Read these poems when you feel anxious, when even little thoughts feel like the weight of the world is upon you.

Read these poems in the times you feel most vulnerable.

Read these poems and know that you are not alone in your loneliness.”


“A LONELY WORLD AND OTHER POEMS” is an amazing poetry collection written by poet Himanshu Goel. The book is a very short read which consists of 48 poems and can be read in one sitting of 30 minutes. Poems are short, up to the mark and hit straight to the core of our hearts. As the author recommends to read the poems when we feel lonely, I would say that poems perfectly match the gloomy mood when in despondency. The poems are apt to depict the rawest emotion of a human being. I would definitely suggest others to go through the poems and dip themselves into the ocean of feelings.

Author: storytellersuchismita

Hailing from a small city Malda, West Bengal, Suchismita dreams high to touch the sky. She is an avid reader, writer, poet, muser, scribbler, storyteller, published author, blogger, nature lover, social worker & a freelance model. She will soon complete her graduation in Zoology. She has also completed her advanced diploma in Computer Application. Her debut book titled "Fields of Sonnet" will soon be launched.She aspires to become a great author & book reviewer in the future. She is available on her instagram account @storytellersuchismita & her email id -

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